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Major programme of work for HR systems now complete

The Solutions Development team at Educampus, along with vendor CoreHR have been working extensively with Institutes of Technology and TU Dublin to deliver:

  • Transition to cloud-hosted Human Resources and Payroll systems
  • MIS Refresh full system upgrades

Implementation of new functionality and key CoreHR modules This 4-year programme of work spanned two full end-to-end system upgrades (in 2016 and 2019) including the migration of the system from managed, shared infrastructure to a cloud-hosted solution managed by CoreHR. Given the significant challenges overcome by the sector during lockdown, their ability to connect remotely to these cloud-hosted, critical business systems was of huge benefit to teams nationwide.

Alongside the project successes of move to cloud hosting and most recent upgrade version, the team also completed the implementation of some key CoreHR modules – namely the rollout of CoreRecruit and CoreExpense. Additionally, a broad group of clients have also completed a host of optimisation projects, such as Employee and Manager Self Service, Single Sign On and the rollout of the People Management module on CorePortal. Feedback on the implementation of these enhancements has been very positive to date. This is a considerable accomplishment for the sector and it is hoped that the efficiencies presented by these additional system areas will continue into 2021 and beyond.

Paddy Naughton, CEO of Educampus said “I warmly congratulate everyone involved in the programme of work. Thanks to their sustained commitment to the programme, the sector is well prepared to meet the challenges of the future.”