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Company Overview

Established in 2015, EduCampus procures, implements, maintains, and supports business critical management information systems for its client community across the Higher Education sector in Ireland. Its vision is to provide new, imaginative, and flexible approaches to IT shared services.

The portfolio of cloud-hosted business applications, available to clients through the EduCampus MIS shared services solution are set out below. These applications are the pillar systems that any higher education body requires to operate their business.

EduCampus partners closely with the leadership teams across the sector, as well as system users and subject matter experts from the client community to ensure it delivers innovative and cutting-edge technology aligned with the clients’ strategic ambition. The EduCampus service offering is designed to reduce cost, save time, increase efficiency, mitigate risk, and reduce the public procurement burden for EduCampus client members.

We currently provide services to over 140,000 students and 20,000 staff across four Universities, five Technological Universities, two Institutes of Technology, four Colleges, and one Government commission.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide transformational leadership in the implementation of shared services and the adoption of enabling technologies across the higher education sector.

Our objective is to deliver value for money through efficiencies at multiple levels, including economies of scale, aggregated demand, and synergies with our parent company, HEAnet CLG. Our core values are those of accountability, innovation, excellence, and collaboration.


Provide clear accountability for overall delivery on agreed outcomes.


Committed to quality and innovation in the design, implementation and operations of services.


Deliver service excellence, efficiency, and effectiveness.


Client collaboration and advocacy at the core of what we do


The principles underpinning the governance of EduCampus are those of accountability and transparency. The composition of the Board reflects the links with key stakeholders within the sector, with representation from the Institutes of Technology, Technological Universities, the Universities, the Higher Education Authority and HEAnet.

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Our Team

At EduCampus we know that the success of our organisation is dependent on the excellence and dedication of our team.

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