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What we do

Client collaboration is integral to our operating model. EduCampus partner closely with the leadership within the sector, as well as system users and subject matter experts across the client community, to ensure our services deliver innovative and cutting-edge technology aligned with our client’s strategic ambition. Our service offering is based on three key pillars – Engage & Procure, Implement & Deliver, and Manage & Support.

What we do

Engage & Procure

Our team of client engagement and procurement professionals:

  • Procure and deliver business critical ICT application services and Management Information Systems (MIS) for the sector.
  • Collaboratively define requirements for new and existing management information systems to ensure that the solutions delivered meet the needs of the clients.
  • Act as brokers for clients by engaging with relevant service providers and suppliers to procure and negotiate software licensing, application hosting and support agreements.
  • Agree sector-wide Framework Agreements with key Suppliers to secure ongoing availability of business-critical systems.

What we do

Implement & Deliver

Our team of project management professionals:

  • Engage with the clients to ensure clear definition of scope for all projects.
  • Engage with the vendor to agree contract terms for delivery of the agreed scope in line with agreed Framework Agreements
  • Provide experienced Project Management/Business Analyst expertise to ensure delivery of the agreed functionality in line with industry best practice.
  • Ensure smooth transition to a ‘Business as Usual” support, following successful completion of project deliverables.

What we do

Manage & Support

Our team of IT service management professionals:

  • Provide continuous improvement initiatives, with a focus on continuous collaboration with the client to ensure ongoing compliance with best practice.
  • Provide a shortcut for client-vendor interaction to ensure the client is a top priority.
  • Lead the way on Issue Escalation acting as a key support role in any interaction with the vendor.
  • Facilitate user groups and forums to enable peer-to-peer learning, bringing clients together to share knowledge and provide feedback to the Suppliers.

What we do

In summary, the EduCampus service offering is designed to reduce cost, save time, increase efficiency, mitigate risk and reduce or remove the public procurement burden for EduCampus client members.