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EduCampus Leading in Wellness

We are pleased to announce that EduCampus Services and HEAnet have earned recognition in the Leading in Wellbeing Top 100 companies for 2024.

In collaboration with the Business and Finance media group, Ibec has unveiled the top 100 companies at the forefront of promoting wellbeing. 

The index exclusively features companies within Ibec’s KeepWell Community, emphasizing those with an active KeepWell Mark accreditation. 

In recent times, the significance of employee wellbeing has increasingly gained traction among employers. There is a growing public awareness regarding the crucial role of good workplace mental health and wellbeing. To truly cultivate a culture of wellbeing, employers must go beyond mere intentions and integrate positive health and wellbeing practices as integral components of their business ethos.  

The ‘Leading in Wellbeing Top 100 Companies 2024 index is comprised exclusively of companies in Ibec’s KeepWell community. The list focuses primarily on those companies who hold an active KeepWell Mark accreditation. See full list of the Top 100 Companies in Ireland.