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NUI Galway avail of Digitary Student Credentials system

We are delighted to announce that National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway), has decided to draw on a second student supporting service from EduCampus, the Student Credentials System supplied by Digitary.

NUI Galway formally became a member of the EduCampus client community in June this year having decided to avail of the Student Records Management System (SRMS) solution, which will enhance the university’s ability to provide students with a digital pathway experience from recruitment to graduation.

Under the EduCampus framework agreement with Digitary, clients can avail the Digitary CORE (Certified Online Records Exchange) solution which provides them with a secure web-based platform for the issuance and verification of student credentials such as degree certificates, academic transcripts, European Diploma Supplements (EDS) and other official academic documents.

This new arrangement will allow NUI Galway to issue documents to both students and graduates via Digitary CORE, ensuring these documents are both digitally certified and securely accessible. NUI Galway will also benefit from the ability to receive and verify documents via the platform from prospective students.

“We are delighted that NUI Galway has decided to avail of additional EduCampus’ services and join the EduCampus client community availing of the Student Credentials System functionality,”said Fionnuala Lambert, COO of EduCampus.

“We, along with our colleagues at Digitary, look forward to working with NUI Galway to deliver this system and would like to extend our thanks to all those involved in the project so far.”