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Our successful implementation of a new cloud-hosted Financial Management System (FMS) has enabled our clients to be on the latest version of the Unit4 ERP Software Solution. Following this rollout, EduCampus sought input from our clients, through our well-established Finance User Group (FinUG), to identify enhancements they would like from their FMS.

Additional applications of existing functionality, not currently in use by some clients, were recognized as potential enhancements. These included the expansion of system reporting and monitoring alerts to deliver business value and efficiency. In addition, the use of interactive dashboards was proposed as a new business tool that could bring value to our client community.

Our Solutions

FMS Optimisation introduces enhancements to our clients, through both client and supplier engagements, in a two-step approach identified by the EduCampus Programme Management office.

Stage 1 enhancements offered a value-added opportunity for our clients to get additional benefits from their FMS system, without the need to set up a dedicated client project team. Through our contracted supplier, we established a schedule that facilitated quick delivery of these light touch enhancements. In availing of these, our clients are well positioned to get the most benefit from a follow-on comprehensive, consultancy-led program of works as part of Stage 2

Stage 2, to be delivered over the course of 2023, will involve more in-depth analysis of our individual clients use of their FMS, and will require client led project teams, working in collaboration with EduCampus and our supplier, to pave the way in streamlining business value-add objectives for financial management in the Higher Education sector.

EduCampus is dedicated to delivering client-driven initiatives to enrich their experience and meet their business needs in the ever-changing landscape of financial management.