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The Student Records Management System (SRMS) is the primary repository and authoritative source of student information for each member of the EduCampus client community. It is the largest and most complex information system used in the Higher Education sector.

In 2019, the contract for the hosting and provision of the existing SMRS, Banner 8.1, was due to expire. The available Banner environment was several versions behind the latest release, and the supporting infrastructure (servers, databases, middleware, web applications, etc.) was nearing end of support. This represented a critical risk to EduCampus clients.

Therefore, it was a key strategic priority for EduCampus to de-risk the SRMS infrastructure and environment, by migrating our clients to a secure, feature-rich, cloud-based solution as soon as possible.

Our Solutions

In 2020, following a public procurement & tender process, Educampus signed a 10-year Framework Agreement with DXC Technology (in partnership with Ellucian) for the provision of a modern Student Record Management System, Banner 9, for our clients.

Under this framework, EduCampus clients will be upgraded to the latest version of Banner and the underlying infrastructure will be updated, including a transition to a cloud-hosted platform. In addition, the Framework Agreement contains a mechanism by which new call-off contracts can be agreed for additional functionality and which enables new clients to avail of the services.

It also includes a range of new functionality and features, including Single Sign-On & a modern user interface, that provide the benefits of more streamlined administrative processes, as well as improved self-service experience for both faculty and students.

This Banner 9 project represents a significant level of business process change for EduCampus clients and a significant collaborative effort across our organisation, our client community, and the wider sector.