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Student Credentials

Digitary is a secure web-based system for the issuance and verification of student credentials. Academic transcripts are stored securely and can be accessed electronically by both students and graduates.


The information on this web-based system is valuable and confidential, and the security measures in place ensure that it is protected accordingly.


Digitary is a web based system, which ensures that transcripts can be accessed from any location and at any time.


Digitary is used by several fortune 500 companies, the world's top 10 universities and government agencies to verify credentials every day.


Digitary provides one-click verification of digital academic records in real time, and with the full consent of the owner. Students and graduates can access and share their academic transcripts with third parties quickly and conveniently, eliminating the hassle associated with having to produce paper documents. 


  • Streamlines operations
  • Reduces costs
  • Enhances student experience
  • One-click verification and quality assurance

Student Credentials User Group

The Digitary Core User Group (DCUG) was established in 2019 and meets bi-annually. The mission of the group is to provide a forum for discussion and knowledge sharing relating to the use of Digitary Core in the sector. Each Institute is entitled to be a member organization, with one nominated key Digitary user as the contact for all DCUG communications.