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Background and Definitions

  1. EduCampus acts as a broker, central purchasing agency and disclosed agent for the EduCampus Client by engaging with relevant service providers and suppliers to negotiate software licensing agreements, hosting, management and operations for the applications and MIS platform. EduCampus acts as a central sourcing and purchasing agency.
  2. EduCampus Clients are the parties listed as Clients on the company’s website
  3. This policy statement applies to all EduCampus Clients. It is the responsibility of the EduCampus Client to ensure that members of their own communities use EduCampus Services in an acceptable manner and in accordance with current legislation.
  4. The EduCampus Client using EduCampus Services should establish their own acceptable usage policies in a form that is compatible with the conditions expressed in this Policy.
  5. No EduCampus Client may re-sell or distribute for commercial advantage EduCampus delivered Services to any third party without the prior written agreement of EduCampus.

Acceptable Usage

EduCampus Services should be used in such a way as to:

  • Apply public funding only to the purposes for which it was voted;
  • Abide by the laws of the land; and
  • Not conflict with or override the rules and regulations of the EduCampus Client.
  • A code of acceptable behaviour in the usage of EduCampus Services is given in Section 3 below.

EduCampus Code of Behaviour

It is not permitted to use EduCampus Services for any activity which purposely or recklessly:

  • Seeks to gain unauthorized access to the resources or data of EduCampus Clients;
  • Adversely affects the operation of EduCampus Services or jeopardies the use or performance for other uses;
  • Destroys the integrity of computer-based information;
  • Results in temporary or permanent denial of service;
  • Compromises the privacy of users;
  • Creates or transmits (other than for properly supervised and lawful research purposes) any offensive, blasphemous obscene or indecent images, data or other material;
  • Creates or transmits defamatory or insulting or discriminatory material;
  • Transmits material in such a way as to infringe the copyright of another person or organisations;
  • Causes offence or discriminates on grounds of race, creed or sex. In particular, compliance with the Employment Equality Acts 1998 to 2015 and Equal Status Acts 2000 to 2004 is required, including any amendments to said acts;
  • Conflicts with practises and codes of conduct as laid down from time to time by EduCampus;
  • Contravenes the law of the state (in particular, but not exclusively, the Data Protection Acts 2018, the GDPR and Criminal Damage Act 1991);
  • Introduces malware, spyware, viruses, data harvesting, remote analytics or interceptive or monitoring software of any kind.

It is the responsibility of the EduCampus Client to take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance with the conditions of acceptable usage and to ensure that unacceptable usage of EduCampus Services does not occur.
The discharge of this responsibility must include informing all users of EduCampus Services of their obligations in this respect.

Where necessary EduCampus Services may be withdrawn from the User Client. This may take one of three forms:

  • A suspension of service, should a violation of these conditions cause serious degradation of service to others had been removed.
  • An indefinite withdrawal of service, should a violation of these conditions persist after appropriate warnings have been given by EduCampus. Such a withdrawal of service would only be made on the authority of the Board. Restoration would be made only when the Board is satisfied that the appropriate steps had been taken by the EduCampus Client involved to ensure acceptable behaviour in future.
  • For material and persistent breach of this AUP, termination shall apply.

The responsibility for determining these terms lies with EduCampus. EduCampus reserves the right to review these conditions from time to time and, following such review and consultation with the EduCampus Client, to amend or alter the AUP. All amendments or alterations shall only become operative when notice of change has been communicated in writing to the EduCampus Client.